Monday, February 22, 2010


What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare
-picked up from Leisure by William Henry Davis

Three years have passed in the blink of an eye. New aspirations, new goals, new challenges, new acquaintances, new way of living life.. A lot changed around me, a lot changed about me.. for my good of-course. Its been soooo long time since I even visited my blog. It makes me really sad and angry on myself. Whatever happened to the dedication I vowed to have towards my blog? I guess priorities change... I do not know where to begin but here is whats happening with me now.. like really NOW

  • Surviving the winter in Connecticut (its not too bad this year.. I had seen more storms last year) and waiting for the next season.. change is always good :D
  • Co-authoring another blog. When asked if I wanted to be a part, I accepted gladly, no questions asked because.. you guessed it right, its about FOOD, but this time with a healthier twist :) Who would have thought I would actually say the H-(healthy) word.. ha ha! Anyways you are always welcome to pay an visit and leave a comment/suggestion on the blog. Its called 'Green Tea with Brownies' on
  • Experimenting occasional cooking and baking on my dutiful ever-so-encouraging husband :)
  • Waiting to take a break from my routine and wanting to try something new and fun.

I have to go now but have loads to catch up and can not wait so see ya around :)

Friday, March 30, 2007

New York, New York !!

Been a while since I posted my last blog... wanted to do it quite often coz my thoughts keep wandering off more often :P. Well anyways after a period of dormancy, here I am again ;)

This time New York it is. The city which is always buzzing with people. People of all kind, all cultures and all varieties. One of my friend stays in NY.. the very heart of the city.. Manhattan.. the fashion capital of the United States, I feel... next to LA ofcourse... but you see all the fashion on the streets here..!! Anyways came to visit her for a week (oh yeah... a full WEEK)... been so long since I felt home.. I needed this break desperately and I felt I chose the right place. There is so much to see and so much to do here that you find time just fly past you.

Its spring and the perfect time for a holiday.. the warm sun falling on your skin, the slow breeze blowing on your face.. the mixture is just awesome..!! NY is all about shopping.. so much style that keeps changing n you have to catch up with it.. thank god I am not in the race ;).. I am not the fashion freak n feel stylish in my very own way.. :D n I love it too..!! So we went window shopping.. atleast I did the window shopping :D the streets of SoHo, NoHo, 5th avenue, Lexinton avenue n so many more n I guess I have seen enough fashion for life :P. Then we went partying too.. something which every new yorker does quite often n its so much fun here too..!! Then it was sightseeing time.. talk about tourist attractions.. the first two things that top the list of NY sightseeing are the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building.. so naturally our choice were those.. I dont know if I have grown over the whole sightseeing thing or if it was simply because there was no motivation or.. well the base line is the whole sightseeing episode was boring to me ;).. both of us went so we could add some pictures to our albums :P.. this wasnt supposed to be the icing on the cake or something but it sure was the last fragment of my whole trip.. on the whole it was so much fun to be with people who share the same thoughts :)

there was so much more to my trip than was put down here.. its coz to put all your feeling in words is kinda difficult for me.. n chalenging too..!! now i am back to my school n the begining of a alltogether new quarter.. attending classes, doing the stupid hws, browsing net, talking over the phone, having a little fun once in a while n waiting for the next big break again... these are the only things i do now!! :D

Friday, February 23, 2007

The Debut

It took me this long to create a space of my very own where I can capture my thoughts and pen them down... well like they say better late that never !!

Here I am, yet another human, like every other striving to balance the odds of life and trying her best live rather than merely exist!!

Through this blogger I want to showcase me, analyze myself and answer my thoughts and hence the name! Hoping to be continue the same zeal and be successful in the mission I set forth...